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Shana Tova! (really belated)

15 Oct

I’d like to wish everybody a happy, healthy and sweet new year. Shana Tova!

Life continues to be hectic, and I don’t find myself with the time to post here.  I’m working on another cookbook, and I’ll post about it when I have some information.  In the meantime, as it’s getting much cooler in Winnipeg, I find myself leafing through the Soup book and planning on making big batches to keep us going through the winter.

I hope the year has started off well for everybody.

Take care,



7 Jun

How does one get started after not posting for 3 months?  I’m open to suggestions.

Under the Weather

15 Feb

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages.  I’ve had a terrible cold/flu/cough thing that’s almost completed week #2.  I’ve had bowl after bowl of soup – and it’s true – there is nothing like a homemade bowl of chicken soup when you’re under the weather.

After over a week away from work, I’ve started going in for a few hours every day.  I have no choice – Passover orders have to go in, and (warning: this may scare you) some of the Passover items have already come in.  I’m up to my eyeballs in Elite chocolates (it could be worse).

This Passover should be interesting.  We have absolutely no idea how much to order of anything.  Our basic idea is take the numbers from last year, double them, then add some more.  We’re renting a storage trailer – where else will we put 3000 lbs. of matzo when it comes in?

Take care of yourself – there’s some nasty stuff going around.  Eat plenty of homemade chicken soup (even better if you can get your mother to make it for you).  I’ll check in when I can.